Cajón del Maipo – The beauties of Embalse el Plaster and Banos Colina.

Cajón del Maipo – The beauties of Embalse el Plaster and Baños Colina.

Cajon del Maipo is a special place in the Andes and Chile is a country that really impresses with its natural beauties.

When traveling to this destination it is advisable to contact a tour to Cajon del Maipo due to the unpaved and rugged terrain of the region, which requires a suitable car and certain driver experience.

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Located at the foot of the Andes, at heights ranging from 2,500 to 3,000 meters altitude, 100 km from the Chilean capital Santiago, Cajon del Maipo is one of the most requested tours for nature lovers and adventurers.

Leaving from Santiago to our first stop in El Pueblo de San José del Maipo, it is an average of 2 hours, which is why we usually leave a little early to do this tour.

Arriving at the small village, we have a strategic stop for the bathroom, we suggest to our travelers that they try the empanada in the place that is a delight and done conserving the purest Chilean tradition.

We continue our journey through an incredible landscape of rivers and waterfalls that spring from the enormous mountains of the Andes Mountains.

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The most noteworthy that certain mountains have different colors due to the high concentration of iron or copper, it is possible to see several holes in some of them, which show the exploitation of mining companies in the region.

Termas Colinas

Our first stop is at the highly recommended Termas Colinas, located at 3,000 meters altitude in the Andes. There are 7 natural pools with clear turquoise waters that are naturally heated by the volcanic activity of the dormant San José Volcano.

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We stay in the place for about 2 hours in the pools, taking advantage of the landscape seeing wild animals that travel through the region without seeming to be Import with the human presence in the place, a unique experience of rest, relaxation and contemplative, the nature of Cajón del Maipo is in fact indescribable.

Without doubt this is a special destination and with a very positive energy and above all a mystical place.

Numerous travelers report having had contact with UFOs in Cajon del Maipo, there are several videos on YouTube where you can see mysterious objects being recorded in broad daylight.

Laguna de Embalse el Yeso.
Laguna de Embalse el Yeso.

We go to the imposing Embalse el Yeso, a water reserve that supplies Santiago with pure and mineral water. It is a lagoon formed mainly by melting water from the glaciers and rain, turquoise blue that is 2,500 meters high.

Cajon del Maipo Agencia

The place is surrounded by breathtaking nature, ideal for taking pictures, walking and trekking. We also do a Picnic in Embalse el Yeso, so our travelers can enjoy the beauties of Cajón del Maipo with Snowtours agency.

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